Yes, we can make multiples of any product and the tumblers can match your wedding colours.

Yes, send us a picture of your puppy and we can recreate them in glass. We have created, puppies, cats budgies, rabbits, parrots, pigs, chickens, owls... the list can go on and on. 

No, our glass is 'art' glass, so it cannot be used to make pipes.

Yes, they become a beautiful swirl of white within the glass.

YES! We would love for you to visit. You can also create at our studio, we have workshops for every age and ability.

You bet we are!

If you want a happy life with sunny summers and dark winters - we would say most definitely.

It depends what type of vacation you want - every month has its advantage. The main considerations are the midnight sun during the summer months and the northern lights during the winter months - we live in a fabulously contrasting northern world.

Yes, our glass easily survives the changing heat within a dishwasher.