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The Lumel Story

Lumel Glass is the online storefront of Lumel Studios - a one-of-a-kind "happiness factory" in Whitehorse, Yukon. 

Lumel Studios employs skilled artisans to create northern inspired  glass products, teach the community about the art of glass blowing, and wow visitors from all over the world. 

Lumel Studios is focused on growing connections between people and hot glass. We are a 'community-growth' studio, with the concept of community encompassing all who walk through our door whether locals or visitors to the Yukon. At Lumel, glass teaching is lowered from its traditional lofty high-art heights to a level that incorporates a vast array of diverse people. Every age and ability can create with 1200° C molten glass.   

We are also a studio with a social mandate, regularly providing free workshops for street people and disenfranchised youth.

Lumel Glass products are created in a solar-powered facility, our hauling vehicle is an e-cargo bike and we recycle all of our glass