You Dream It - We Create It


Commission items are a pleasure to create. We love the challenge of designing the perfect piece whether it is a wedding gift, the perfect decorative centerpiece, or awards. We are one of the few glass studios in the world that readily creates whatever is desired and we are always up for new challenges. Reach out to discuss your project, and we will join you in your enthusiasm over its creations.   

Memorial Ash Work

Memorial creations are intensely personal items that hold meaning far beyond the creative experience. At Lumel, we too have grieved and know loss, within that, we honour the ashes and the creation of items that represent people and pets that were dearly loved. Each piece is created within a compassionate and acknowledging spirit. Please reach out, we will discuss the memorial creation process with you.

Kids Design Glass

A beautiful, unique gift that captures and translates your child's creativity. Children's drawings are radically fun to create for the Lumel Studios team, and the result is wildly wonderful. Contact us and we can make an image almost come to life.

Want to discuss a one-of-a-kind piece of glass art?